SSDA have a five-year Activity Plan which will support the sustainable growth of the South of Scotland’s tourism sector - from direct business engagement to facilitating the creation and delivery of the region’s tourism and destination development strategy.

Year 1 Activity: Themes

  • South of Scotland Covid Recovery Strategy & Planning

  • Industry Leadership and Capacity Building

  • Scotland Starts Here Place Branding and On-line Package Development

  • 5-Year Destination Dev Strategy Development

  • Industry Engagement Programme

  • Business Readiness Programme

  • Scotland Starts Here Strategic Marketing Programme

Our Values

  • Ambitious – being brave, bold, passionate, exciting, trail-blazing and exceeding expectation

  • Progressive – challenging the norm in Destination Management and Marketing, forging new ways of working as a Board, an industry and as the public sector, stimulating innovation in tourism

  • Integrity – acting with honesty and respect for each other, our members and partners, acting with conviction, being fair and consistent

  • Collaborative & Supportive – committed to working together for the collective good of the South, empowering our team, supporting businesses, nurturing new talent

  • Industry-led – being member-centric and keeping our members interests at the heart of all we do

  • Sustainable – operating responsibly, developing the South’s eco-tourism credentials, encouraging a carbon-neutral approach amongst members and driving a sustainable supply chain