Our Objectives

  1. To lead, influence and co-ordinate the development, management and marketing of the South of Scotland (including but not restricted to Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway Council areas) as a leading tourism destination, creating a world class visitor experience while taking into account the needs of visitors, local residents, businesses and the environment
  1. To stimulate innovation in tourism product development, product differentiation, diversification and flexibility to secure the South of Scotland as a leading tourism destination for domestic and international markets
  1. To promote and encourage the development of the tourism industry in the South of Scotland through activities of benefit to visitors, businesses and the community at large and through, for example, developing and promoting the “Scotland Starts Here” brand, further developing the South West Coastal 300 and other strategic tourist initiatives and fostering collaboration between South of Scotland tourism businesses, operators etc who nationally and internationally can promote tourism in the South of Scotland

In addition to the core remit of developing the region’s tourism, hospitality and leisure offering, the SSDA will look to build cross-sectorial engagement:

  • Develop the industry’s links with the region’s education sector, highlighting tourism as a career, and helping to ensure we have a future workforce.
  • Build the tourism supply chain and create partnerships in everything from laundry provision to digital capabilities.
  • Work actively with local communities to demonstrate the value of the tourism (particularly important post-Covid) and to cement its part in the place-making activity of the South.
  • Encourage a carbon-neutral approach from our membership by bringing together sectors including energy provision and transport to deliver a long-term and sustainable tourism supply chain for the South.